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How To Eat Plum?

plump plumsSoft and supple, sweet ‘n’ sour, plums in the pink offer can bring back the roses to your cheeks, if you know about the different ways on how to eat plum.



Eating Plum As A Whole


Plums are tempting enough for you to gobble it up as a whole. That can turn out to be a wee bit mis-adventurous especially if the plum is too big and your mouth has to house the whole thing tackling the juicy squirts and the bumping into the hard pit.

But, it is possible to eat plum as a whole provided your mouth is big enough for it.


  • Give your plum a nice wash.

  • Put it in your mouth, take it to one side of your cheek and make a cut with your molars across the flesh that is not too deep. Be careful so as to not to bite into the pit.

  • Repeat the process till the skin is fully removed.

  • Bring the plum to the front and try to pull out the remaining flush from the pit, sucking it at the same time. This process gives a special thrill as you get to taste both the sweet ‘n’ sour flavor.

  • Spit out the pit once you are through.

Eating Plums In Halves


We will discuss a technique where you can eat plum out of hand by splitting it into halves. Let us see how.

  • Choose a plum that is just soft enough for a gentle press but not too soft as it might indicate over-ripeness.

  • Firstly, give the plum a thorough rinse under running water to remove the dirt from the skin.

  • Hold the plum in your hand and press the stem-end of the plum with both your thumbs. The thumb nails should be positioned in such a way that they both face each other with a little gap along the indent that passes along the plum’s axis. Make sure you do this over a sink where the mess created can simply drain out

  • Now with a gentle yet firm pressing pull the plum apart. This should take place smoothly if the plum is aptly ripe with the pit settled in one half. If it’s too ripe, there will be juice squirts everywhere or if the fruit is too hard, the skin will tend to peel away.

  • With the two halves of the plum, remove the pit from one, enjoy each half drinking in the juice and chewing on the soft flesh of the fruit.

Other Ways Of Eating Plums


  • The juicy plum can be used in making fruit juices.
  • Plum jams are popular spreads for the breakfast toast and a good technique to preserve the extract of this delicious fruit.
  • Plum juice served with crushed ice is a true summer refreshment.
  • Plums can also embellish fruit salads with their dual flavors.

There are many ways on how to eat plum for its nutritive value (fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and with pigments for healthy eyesight). So revel in this fruit and get back to being in the pink, always.

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How To Eat Plum?