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How To Eat Cherry?

cherry blossomThe ‘crème’ of a dessert cream, cherries fill the heart and palate with delight and some tips on how to eat cherry can fulfill your desire to relish one of nature’s best fruits to your heart’s content.



Eating cherry- make the right pick


Cherries can be eaten as a whole. But remember to make your pick of the dark-colored cherries as they taste the sweetest. Stay away from the bruised or the light-colored cherries as they may taste sour.


So here is how you go about eating cherries.


  • Collect your cherries in a colander and rinse them thoroughly under running water.
  • Transfer the cherries into a bowl or a bag whichever you want to use to hand-pick your cherry from.
  • Hold the cherry by its stem and bite off the fruit.  
  • Chew it slowly sucking out the juice from every strand of flesh of the fruit and relishing it with fervor.
  • While eating cherries you encounter pits which should be spit. So discard the pit.


How to eat cherry, the "crowing glory" way?


The sweet, juicy cherry are a topping way to serve desserts. Be it a pastry or a pie the cherry-top simply adds to the aesthetic (not to mention the flavorful aspect) appeal.


  • Top up your ice cream with fresh frozen cherries and enjoy the frozen delight.
  • Your pastries or pie can also be topped with cherries for that dash of fruity-indulgence.
  •  Remember to add cherry the next time you make fruit salads for the added visual appeal and flavor.



Other ways to eat cherry


  • Frozen cherries are an irresistible snack any time of the day and healthy as well.
  • Cherry Parfait made with low-fat yoghurt and cherries and granola makes a scrumptious snack.
  • Cherry smoothie made from cherry juice concentrate, frozen cherries and skim-milk is one chill, fruity way of eating cherries on a hot summer day.


Baked cherries in the way of cherry cookies, cakes, pies… and many more ideas unleashed by your culinary creativity and channeled through our tips on how to eat cherry, simply wait to take shape.

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How To Eat Cherry?