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What Are Healthy Eating Habits

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What Are Healthy Eating HabitsAll of us talk about eating healthy, but how many of us know what are healthy eating habits? In our rush to get other things done on time, we often take our health for granted.  In our bid to multi-task, we end up eating on the go, while we drive to office, while we sit and work at our desks or sprawled in front of the television at night. One might wonder whatever happened to good, healthy eating habits? Does healthy eating habit have everything to do with the diet only? Or is there anything else to it? Well, to answer all such queries and to know what really healthy eating habits are, read on.


At The Table


It cannot be stressed enough that it is best to sit at the table, for the good of the whole family that everyone were to sit at the dining table to eat. The old adage of a family that eats together stays together not only talks about the emotional wellbeing of a family, but also the physical as parents can, by example, let their children know what o include in a healthy diet.


No Snacking


The worst enemy of healthy eating habits is snacking between meals – not only does an unhealthy snacking habit ruin our appetite for healthy food served at mealtimes, it also causes us to accumulate more of unnecessary fats and sugar.


Many Small Meals


It is always best to have at least five to six small meals, spread out evenly all through the day than to have three huge meals. The idea is not to wait till you are famished to grab a bite. Eating a number of small meals in a day helps reduce not only the total caloric intake, but also makes sure we don’t overeat.




It is in the best interest of the whole family that the television be shown the exit when it comes to mealtimes – it is biggest culprit in spoiling eating habits of families across the globe! Healthy eating should be about the food and the family and not Barrack Obama, right?


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What Are Healthy Eating Habits