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How To Eat Apricots?



Ever wondered, how to eat apricots, the orange-hued fruit, supple, with nutrients aplenty to squeeze out? Well, apricots can be eaten fresh or in dried form and enjoyed best with a bit of both.


Eating apricots, the fresh, fresher way

•    Choose well ripened apricots, which are plum and orange in color. Stay away from the pale yellow and green-colored fruits.

•    Before eating the apricots, dig in a bit and peel its skin. Peeling the skin of the apricot is easy if the fruit is ripe. A couple of twists around the axis of the fruit will make the skin come off. If the skin is coarse you can soak it in boiling water for a minute or two, and the skin will wither away.

•    Bite into the softness of the fleshy fruit and discard the seed once you are satiated; with no strings of pulp left behind.

Eating apricot, the dried fruit

Apricot as the dried fruit serves many purposes and is healthier as it is nutrient-dense (with beta carotene and niacin).The Turkish dried apricot which is dark in color is not treated with sulfur dioxide where as those treated with the chemical are a shade of orange.

•    Take a bowl of dried apricots.

•    Take one apricot at a time, which are usually bite-sized.

•    Eat it as a whole munching on it slowly or bite by bite for the bigger varieties of apricots.

•    You need not worry about getting stuck with seeds as dried apricots are seedless.

Munching ways to eat the dried apricot with other foods

•    Dried apricots make a great addition to your breakfast cereal or porridge.

•   For the avid traveler, eating apricots with a trail mix is a filling nutritious meal along with providing sustainable energy.

•    Another way to eat dried apricots is to chew on them as a delectable snack. A bowl full of dried apricots with other nuts and dry-fruits add variety to snacking.


Other delightful ways of eating apricots - the fresh fruit bearing fruition

•   Fruit salads get a boost of visual appeal and health quotient with apricots in their midst. So slice up the apricot and toss it with your fruit salad. Not to miss out on grain salads such as quinoa, couscous, bulgur etc, where apricots can render their exotic touch.

•   Apricot puree can be used to make sauces and dips. Apricot puree mixed with yoghurt can be a satisfying dessert.

•   The touch of apricots to fruit smoothies and bakes imparts a golden-hue to the dish with a flavor that is simply irresistible that eating apricots becomes an escapade for the taste buds.

•   Apricot dips made of cream, apricots and fresh cheese or yoghurt allow you to “dip” into the versatility on how to eat apricot, as these can be used as sandwich spreads or on fresh bakes and desserts.




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How To Eat Apricots?