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How To Eat Grape?

grapes in a clusterMake a trip to the vineyard or gravitate to your fruit basket, the cluster beholds a spell with its smell, so much so you could learn about how to eat grape and feel sinfully intoxicated.

Eating grapes-“Fresh from the vine”

•    Pull out the grapes from the cluster and place them in a colander.

•    Give it a thorough rinse in running water.

•    Transfer them to an eating bowl.

•    Eat the grape one by one. If you are eating seedless grapes just chew on the pulp blissfully enjoying the sweet flavor. On the other hand, if your pick of grapes has seeds, then slowly suck out the pulp and skin of the grape using your front teeth laying bare the seed. Spit out the seed once you are done.

How to eat grapes, the fun-filled way?

•    Grapes can be made part of fruit salads.  Especially the dark-colored concord grapes add a unique luster to the salad.

•    Add grapes to smoothies and enjoy the flavor and color of a delicious treat.

•    A fruit punch with grapes, pineapple and ginger symbolizes all that is fruitfully exotic.

•    Side up your French toast with grapes and flaked almonds and enjoy a  fruity breakfast crunch.

•    Pep up your quinoa salad with grapes, figs, spring onions, crumbled feta cheese and a range of other ingredients and present it like something you have heard from the grapevine.

•    Grape juice is another way of eating grapes(purple colored))by squeezing out the maximum flavor of the fruit.  Put the washed fruits in a blender and strain with a strainer or cheesecloth. Add ice cubes and sugar(if desired) before enjoying the juice.

•    Take a bowl of nicely washed grapes and put it in the freezer for an hour or two. Sprinkle some sugar or drizzle honey before enjoying the bowl of frozen delight.

•    Make a grape gelato with sugar-free gelatin mix and flavoring of your choice allowing the grapes to roll into the gelatin mix and then freezing it. Enjoy the purple shimmer when it is ready to eat.

Now that you can reach out to many ways on how to eat grape, you simply pluck the cluster with no complaints about grapes being sour.


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How To Eat Grape?