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French FriesWould you like to know about the unhealthy snacks which you should avoid in your diet? Well, there are many snacks which contain high percentage of carbohydrate and fat. Below is given the unhealthy snacks list which we can avoid from our daily eating habits to lead a healthier and happier life.


Potato Chips and French Fries


Potato chips and French fries are considered to be unhealthy snacks because they are fried at very high temperatures. When the food is cooked at high heat, a substance called acrylamide is produced. And this acrylamide is known carcinogen and neurotoxin. Potato chips and French fries are very high in calories and low in nutrients. These fried snacks can only satisfy your cravings but will not provide any nutrition.




DoughnutsDoughnuts are undoubtedly the very popular and fast snack option but again they are unhealthy. Doughnuts contain high amount of sugar and as such very high in calories. Doughnuts are made with hydrogenated oil which is loaded with trans-fats. They have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.





Pizza is a very common snack which is enjoyed by almost all age groups of people. But this tasty pizza does nothing to promote healthy eating habits. Pizza is very high in calories and it should be avoided from our balanced diet.



Cookies and Biscuits


Cookies or biscuits are the perfect examples of trans-fat and sugar. These cookies are made with hydrogenated oil and thus make an unhealthy treat.



Canned Goods


Beans can be the good snack option but canned beans are not. If you love beans in the snack, always go for the fresh and naturally cooked beans.



Chicken Nuggets 


Those who are watching their cholesterol may want to stay away from chicken nuggets. One serving of chicken nuggets contains 60 mg of cholesterol and provide you more than 300 calories. Although chicken nuggets are a good source of protein, they are not all healthy due to high percentage of fat.




Chocolate is considered to be unhealthy snack for several reasons. It is usually associated with fat and refined sugar. It also contains caffeine and has been blamed for causing many health related problems such as heart disease or obesity.


The consequences of eating unhealthy snacks might be scary in the future. Hopefully you will be able to escape from the bonds of unhealthy snacks. A healthier world is waiting for you.


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Unhealthy Snacks List