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Fast Food Junks Made Nice…

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“Let’s meet at Joey’s Fast Food”, said Amelia. My eyes couldn’t hold the excitement, although my mouth wanted to utter a BIG NO! This is always the case; every time I pass by my favorite fast food store down the lane, I am forcefully driven by the sight of inviting burgers, pizzas and appetizers! Before I could realize and force my legs not to stop, I would have had a quarter or more servings of my favorite bites! And that only to realize that I sinfully consumed something loaded with fat and calories.

Hey, but that’s not the case now. I have learnt to give my fast food favorites a gorgeous makeover to make them as healthy as they can be!

burger and pizza

Burger! This is supposed to be my first love. Whenever I serve (or I am served) burgers, I make sure to generously garnish them with chopped vegetables. This way, I feel good about the extra nutrient power they give my body.

So are pizzas; instead of asking for extra cheese and spicy topping, I ask them to make mine with extra vegetable topping. Also, I ask for a wholewheat pizza crust so that they give me good fiber boost.

My salads are gorgeously embellished with pistachios; not until I read it somewhere they keep blood pressure in check, even under stress!

I have this indescribable affinity towards sea foods and curried shrimps in any form happen to be my favorite. Thankfully, I don’t need to give that a makeover, since shrimps are said to be good source of low-fat, low-calorie protein.

Now, there are a million and more ways to justify your liking towards fast food, coz’ they don’t always have to be loaded with fat and calories! Do you have some tips to share?

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Fast Food Junks Made Nice…