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How To Eat A Grapefruit?

EAting grapefruitGrapefruits are essentially citrus with the bright pinkish-orange that stares bold at you with a juicy pulp. How to eat a grapefruit to delve in the citrus fantasy of an exotic fruit?


Ways to eat grapefruit- make your pick


•    Choose a grapefruit that is hard but not too hard at the same time as grapefruits take much time to ripen.

•    Give the grapefruit a thorough rinse under running water.

•    Slice off the top of the grapefruit.

•    Now the art of eating a grapefruit starts here. As the way you cut the fruit will help you dig into the sweetest of the pulp and avoid the bitter skin or the sour pith.

•    Take the sliced top and place the remaining fruit on top of this slice for support and with a knife cut a portion of the peel using a curving cut.

•    Similarly, rotate the grapefruit anticlockwise keeping the base slice fixed and with the same curving cut, remove another section of the peel. The process should be repeated till the peel comes out completely.

•    You could even remove the rind or the peel from distinct portions of the fruit which are evenly spaced and remove the rest of the peel with hand.

•    With the grapefruit, use the same curving cuts to make grapefruit slices or wedges but learn to avoid the seed-filled core, which can upset the sweet flavor of the fruit.

•    Or, cut the grapefruit into halves and with a sharp-edged spoon or knife scoop out the wedges of the fruit.

•    The remaining pulp in the rind can be crushed to make grapefruit juice.

How to eat grapefruit in a topping way?


•    Sprinkling the grapefruit wedges or slices with sugar for that extra dash of sweetness is a zesty way of eating the grapefruit.

•    Maple syrup drizzled over grapefruit wedges doubles the fruity flavor along with removing any traces of sourness in the grapefruit.

•    Arrange your grapefruit wedges in a circle and place a strawberry or cherry in the middle,  and surround it by a ring of mint leaves.

Other ways of eating grapefruit


•    Grapefruit juice will juice up your ways to eat a grapefruit when you make juice out of its pulp and strain out the seeds.

•    Grapefruit freeze where you place the grapefruit cubes(cut to fit inot an ice cube tray) in an ice cube tray and sprinkle it with sugar and put it in the deep freezer for a couple of hours. You will have the fruity icicle just meant to be enjoyed on a hot summer afternoon.

•    Pink grapefruit sorbet in a base of champagne is memorable for its color and flavor.

•    You can try using grapefruit as a substitute in baking recipes which call for lemon. A cake with grapefruit flavor surely bakes and fluffs with an answer on how to eat grapefruit.

•    A salsa made of grapefruit and avocado is another unique treat to enjoy.

There can be  zillion ways on how to eat grapefruit just as the immeasurable zest of nature that reveals itself in the pulp of this bright-hued fruit.


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How To Eat A Grapefruit?