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How To Eat Orange

Eating oranges

Don't just  squeeze an orange  resist your urge and read on to find how to eat orange in a zestful way.

Eating orange out of hand

Eating oranges out of hand can be most pleasurable and with a bit of knack you can also get the maximum of the juicy fruit. Here are a few tips:

•    Select a ripe orange and give it a thorough rinse under running water. Cleaning the orange is important as microbes can permeate through the skin at the time of peeling it.

•    Now make a cut on the outer peel with a spoon or a knife. This will pull out a part of the skin. So start peeling from the underside of the peel till the outer peel is totally out.

•    With the outer peel completely removed, pull out a wedge from the orange and put it in your mouth. While pulling out make sure that you don’t tear the inner peel encasing the zest as this might make eating the orange a squashy affair.

•    If you do get sprinkled by the scented juicy spray while peeling that’s an added relish in eating oranges.

•    Chew the wedge slowly and make sure to spit out the seeds.

The knife treatment for eating orange

Method 1

•    Place the orange on a board. And cut the orange into halves a direction along its axis.

•    Make similar cuts dividing the orange into quarters and half-quarters.

•    Once the orange is properly sliced, take out each slice and bite in(do not bite in deep as you wouldn’t want to taste the bitter peel).

•    Do not forget to bite and sip at the same time as the orange zest are something to be squeezed out to live the reveler’s fantasy.

•    Once the pulp is eaten out to your heart’s content discard the peel.

Method 2

If you want to add fun and elegance to your method on how to eat orange, here is an alternative to method 1.

•    Take the orange and place it on a board.

•    Make slices along the axis perpendicular to the pole of the orange.

•    You get round slices of the fruit. Discard the top and bottom slice.

•    Arrange the other slices in the form of a stack.

•    Now with a knife make a cut from the first through the last slice, but make sure that the length of the cut is halfway through the center of the top orange slice.

•    Take an orange slice and pull it apart from the section where the cut is made.

•    You will get an array of pyramids of the juicy orange zest.

•    Bite into them one by one and discard the peel once it is done.

An added tip while eating orange slices

You can sprinkle ground pepper powder or black salt before eating the orange slices or wedges.

How to eat orange in other forms?

•    Orange-based or citrus based cocktails get that extra dash of appeal when topped with orange rinds.

•    Orange zest topping a dessert in whipped cream is a zesty way of eating the fruit.

•    Orange slices can be eaten as a part of fruit salad as the fruit’s sweet ‘n’ tart flavor helps to douse the extreme sweetness of some desserts.

•    Orange juice is the best extract on how to eat oranges.

•    Orange sauces such as Cordial win hands down for their flavor and fragrance.

•    Marmalades made out of oranges, spread the relish of this wonder fruit.

There are innumerable ways on how to eat oranges. You just have to peel and lo! The sphere in orange reveals the zest for fruitful indulgence.

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How To Eat Orange