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How To Eat Japanese

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How To Eat Japanese

Visiting Japan can be a pleasant experience, but for that you will also need to learn how to eat Japanese food. Keeping a few Japanese eating etiquettes in mind helps one to dine comfortably especially in Japan where people are very particular about the way they consume food.

Itadaki-Masu & Gochisou-Sama

The basic Japanese eating etiquettes starts with saying Itadaki-Masu before starting a meal; it indicates thankfulness for the meal and an indication to start eating food. And say Gochisou-Sama after the meal indicates the end of meal. Learn these phases and try to say them, it will impress the Japanese.

Chopsticks in Japanese Cuisines

Chopstick is the most widely used eating utensil although one can find spoons, forks and knifes equally existing. The first rule of using chopstick is not o use you’re eating chopstick for serving food to others. However, it is acceptable and polite to use the top end of chopsticks for serving when nothing is available for serving. Sticking chopsticks vertically over a bowl of rice is taboo in Japanese culture. It is because food for dead is offered this way on funerals.

Eating etiquettes in Japanese Dining

In Japanese eating manners, it is absolutely okay to lift small rice bowl for eating. One can even lift soup bowls for drinking directly when there is no spoon available. In Japanese cuisine, ingredients are mostly cut into bite size pieces for comfortable eating with chopsticks, however for large pieces one can lift it using chopstick and take a bite and keep it back in the plate. It is good manners to serve the person sitting near you and then serve yourself. Help yourself with small portions and eat elegantly. In Japanese eating, soy sauce is not served over food, food like sushi and tempura are dipped in a small bowl of soy sauce before eating. Everyone is served with a small bowl of soy sauce for dipping, serve little as taking excess shows greediness and ultimately its wastage. Eating sushi with hands is absolutely acceptable although one can use chopsticks as well. You can check our complete guide for how to eat  sushi, so as to enjoy this unique Japanese dish without any difficulty.


Slurping is indeed a good action to make while eating udon, somen and soba kind of dishes. Slurping indicates that the dish is delicious and they also have a notion that slurping enhances the taste of these dishes. It is actually strange not to slurp while eating.

Varied Japanese cuisine is best enjoyed when one has complete knowledge of how to eat Japanese.


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How To Eat Japanese