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How To Eat Korean

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How To Eat Korean

Every country and region have a defined set of eating etiquettes, so here we are going to discuss how to eat Korean cuisine. Tourists or people on business trips to Korea must follow these simple manners as a gesture of respect towards Korean cuisine and culture.


Table manners

Wait for the elders to take their seat. In Korean dinning etiquettes seating arrangement is according to age or social ranking. The lowest ranked or younger person sits at the closest seat near the door.

Like in many other countries, elders in Korea are most dignified people, so wait for them to start eating and the rest follow. As a gesture of respect one has to keep pace with the elders and finish after they have eating. It is rude to finish your food before the elders. So, if you have finished, simply keep biting to show you are still eating your meal.

Using Chopstick and Spoon

Similar to Chinese dinning manners, rice bowl is not lifted from the table. Although usage of chopstick is prevalent in Korea, ice and soup are eaten with spoon. Make sure not to hold them both in the same hand. Use them alternatively if required. Using your spoon for serving side dishes should be avoided for cleanliness sake. Knocking spoon or chopsticks over plate is considered impolite as also making noise during eating and drinking.

Serving etiquettes in Korean Eating

Take a personal plate for serving yourself when the food arrives. Avoid stretching yourself to fetch foods that are far beyond your reach on the table, take what is within your reach. After serving, keep the spoons and chopsticks from where they were picked up. Last but not the least; keep your used napkin folded on the table.

General tips

Never sneeze over the food, take your face to the side and keep a handkerchief to cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing.  Never blow your nose while dining. Cover your mouth with your napkin while using toothpicks after eating.

After all the insightful information of how to eat Korean cuisine, one seems to be excited about visiting Korea and get to taste varied delicious cuisines. Just in case you cannot wait till then, check our Korean recipe section and try out a few dishes yourself.


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How To Eat Korean