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Healthy Party Snacks

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Healthy Party SnacksHealthy party snacks need not be boring and blunt. You can try out these interesting healthy party snack ideas that I have listed out to make your party enjoyable and healthy one.


Relishing & Healthy Party Snacks

Oven-Fried Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers are quite popular and one of the most relished healthy party snacks. Why don’t you give it a healthy twist by baking them on a pan sprinkled with zero fat cooking spray? Serve hot with a fat free yogurt dip. Enhance the taste of your chicken fingers with seasonings of your choice.

Stuffed Veggies

There are certain raw vegetables which will taste yummy when stuffed and served. Scoop out tomatoes and fill them with a lean meat-shredded low fat cheese stuffing or hollow out bell peppers and stuff with your favorite filling. You may even try making stuffed versions of zucchini, summer squash and celery.


Serve warm, thinly sliced homemade bruschetta with a topping of diced tomatoes and pesto along with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese to entice the taste buds of your guests. Check out this healthy party snack.


Even though you can buy salsa, try making a healthier version at home using onions, jalapenos, cilantro, tomatoes and lemon juice. Save along with abked tortilla chips. Your guests will be enthralled.


A very humble dip prepared from chickpeas, this low calories dip when paired with baked pita chips forms one of the best healthy party snacks.

Snack Mix

Prepare your own healthy snack mix by combining corn cereal, whole grain cereals, sunflower seeds, and unsalted peanuts. Offer a treat to your sweet tooth by adding caramel corn to the healthy party snack.

Veggie Slices

No other party snack ideas will be better than freshly sliced veggies. Prepare a veggie tray containing carrots, cucumbers, bell pepper, celery, squash and broccoli. Add steamed sprouts to enhance the taste. You may season it with salt, pepper and a dash of lemon juice.

Vegetable Kebabs

Veggie KababsVegetable kebabs prepared using multicolored bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, squash and zucchini, and bushed with olive oil make colorful snacks; serve with a spicy mint chutney or hot chili sauce.

Strawberries With Dark Chocolate

A healthy treat to the sweet lovers, the fresh strawberries dipped in molten dark chocolates are ideal dessert options also. Prepare well ahead, chill them, and serve for a cold treat.

Angel Food Cake With Fresh Berries Topping

While fruit cakes are rich in calories, angel cake is fat free. Add a topping of fresh berries - strawberry, blueberry, blackberry - along with a non-fat whipped cream to add to the richness and taste of this snack.

So, the next time you have a party, try out these healthy party snacks and have a wonderful time!

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Healthy Party Snacks