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Get Chocolaty, Minus The Calories...

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The very thought of chocolate itself lights up my face, then why would I ever say no to it. But, it also happens to be so that I am a fitness freak. Or if asked to be frank, I should say my hubby is more of a fitness freak than I am. Now, you get that why I’m forced to say no to chocolates!


But not anymore, coz’ I have found a safe way to get Chocolaty, minus the calories.

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Today, I feel it’s fine to indulge in the pleasurable chocolate treat – just that I have to make up my mind to work out 30- 40 min extra tomorrow without fail. 

It’s hard to minus calories from chocolate, but try doing it with its accompaniments – use toned milk, natural sweeteners, edible oil (for butter) etc. 

For the more choosy lot, dark chocolates are the right option – they pump in anti-oxidants, so you look good, but again with no or less calories. 

While eating chocolates; enjoy every bit of it, feel it moving down your food-pipe - this way you eat less, but savor every bite you take. 

Also I have now learned to invite a few of my peers whenever I make dessert at home – that way I gulp in moderately and get to see the happy lot showering praises on me. 

If you wish to get chocolaty, choose your temptation from the chocolate recipes here. Take my word; some of the chocolate ice creams, puddings, brownies and hot-chocolate mixes are too awesome to share with your peers! 

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Get Chocolaty, Minus The Calories...