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How To Eat Satay

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Eating satay

Satay is a tasty dish, usually made and served in Thailand and Indonesia. This dish is prepared with a variety of meats and it is important to learn how to eat satay before claiming to know the dish completely. Here are a few steps you can incorporate so that you are prepared to enjoy eating tapas. 

How to eat satay

  • Satay Madura can be eaten along with curry and basmati rice. It is prepared marinating lamb or chicken in sugar and sautéing it with soy sauce, green onions and salt.  You can even have satay for a starter.
  • Beef satay goes well with peanut dipping sauce. You may wonder how to eat satay made from beef that is usually considered to be a hard meat. Beef is chopped finely and then is made into small balls and then threaded on skewers and cooked.
  • Satay also tastes very good when eaten with thick and creamy Satay sauce.  It is made using rich peanut and coconut and this sauce is commonly used in Thai cuisine.
  • Also some like to have burnt satay, for its charred taste, which, when eaten with peanut sauce tastes quite different.
  • Eating satay with Chili sauce is also a good option for those who like spicy food.
  • Sliced carrots and beans also go with chicken satay. Other vegetables like tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and cabbage can also be eaten with satay

It is recommended to eat cucumber after eating satay. This is because grilling produces carcinogen in fatty meats. Don’t worry what the American Institute of Cancer Research says about the risks associated, which are very low. You can reduce it further by adapting healthy grilling habits. Now that you have learnt how to eat satay, enjoy yourself!

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How To Eat Satay