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How To Eat Guacamole

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eating Guacamole

Got a lot of avocados on hand and pondering the myriad ways on how to eat guacamole? Even if you are a first time eater, it will be interesting to know how this delicious dip can be paired in so many different ways. No guilt factor involved either as avocados contain the healthy kind of fat that actually does you good.

The most traditional way to eat guacamole is of course with corn chips. Get the chips from a health store and you can feast on this snack all day long. It goes extremely well with Mexican food of course. Making a burrito? Slather some on as generously as you want, it makes that burrito so much more scrumptious to eat. For vegetarians this is an extra special dip because it makes up for the meat filling they miss out on.

Guacamole goes great with a salad, with beans and rice as well as tacos. When making fajitas , slather some on right after you put in some sour cream, it gives the dish some extra oomph. One thing to remember about this dip is that it oxidizes quickly so you may notice it getting brown on the top; don’t make this dip in large quantities unless you plan to use all of it at once. This is best eaten when freshly made.

If you are making a pita sandwich, especially if the bread it the pita pocket kind, scoop in a generous amount of guacamole and use it as a substitute for mayonnaise or some other fatty dressing. Tastes so much better and is healthier for you as well.

When having a party and serving finger foods, guacamole goes really well with things like baby carrots, celery sticks nachos and pita chips.

This creamy dip can be thinned down with some olive oil and used as a salad dressing. Its super savory and will leave you wanting more.

Now that you know the different ways on how to eat guacamole, don’t just stick to the old fashioned ways of simply dipping some chips in them. Enjoy its various different uses.


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How To Eat Guacamole