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How To Eat Cranberry Sauce

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Eating Cranberry Sauce

How to eat cranberry sauce is a question that often crosses one’s mind when you want to try something new.


Ways of Eating Cranberry Sauce

  • The most common way to eat cranberry sauce is to use it on top of the stuffing on Thanksgiving Day.
  • In America, cranberry sauce is the most widely used combination for turkey. You can also eat cranberry sauce as a filling for sandwich with Brie.
  • Another interesting way of discovering how to eat cranberry sauce is to combine it with orange juice, vinegar, shallot and orange zest and blend it all together till it is smooth. Now add salt and pepper and also add oil while blending the mixture. You can now store it in refrigerator and use it with salads.
  • You can try making a squash with cranberry sauce. For that, wash and halve acorn squash and with the help of spoon, scoop out the seeds and pulp from the center. Now place these halves in a baking dish, add water and bake at 35o degrees for 30-45 minutes. Now take out from the oven, put cranberry sauce, butter and brown sugar over the halves and again put it in oven till the sauce melt. Now it is ready to be served.
  • One more interesting way to eat cranberry sauce is to mix it with honey and mustard and whisk well. This dip can be served with fried chicken, shrimp, wantons or any other food item that catches your fancy.
  • You can actually even use cranberry sauce to make bread! Now don’t wonder how to eat cranberry sauce in bread, just follow these simple steps. Mix cranberry sauce, flour, vegetable oil, nuts, sugar, baking soda, baking powered, salt and egg and bake it in oven at 350 degrees for an hour. Once done, let it cool and the bread is ready to be savored.
  • You can also try and mix it with cream cheese. Just combine the cranberry pieces with softened cream cheese and roll this mixture in crushed nuts and give whatever shape you want to. this can serve as a spread for crackers, bagels.
  • Cranberry sauce can also enhance the taste of salads.
  • One more way of eating cranberry sauce is to add it to a cobbler recipe like cherry, apple, pear etc. cranberry goes well with many other fruits as well.


Whew! So many different ways to eat it and if you are still left wondering which way to choose and how to eat cranberry sauce, then you can try innovating yourself and who knows, you may come up with an immensely interesting way to eat it.

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How To Eat Cranberry Sauce