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How To Eat Salsa

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eating salsa

Most people know how to eat salsa, with corn chips of course! There are several other ways this zesty Mexican dip can be enjoyed.

Depending on what kind of salsa you have at hand will determine the best way to eat it, since different kinds of chilies are used with varying heat to make the salsa.

  • Cherry salsa is a popular fruit salsa. This is best made when the fruit is in season as the flavor of the cherry really comes out then. A fresh cherry salsa is best eaten with pork chops, fish fillet and plain grilled chicken breasts.
  • Chimichurri is an Argentinian/Uruguan salsa and also the leading condiment in the country. This is made with a spicy vinegar-parsley sauce and served with grilled meat.  It has a very distinctive taste to it and is much loved by the Latin folks.
  • There is of course the regular tomato salsa which is best served with nachos and perhaps even guacamole. A good way to sprinkle some cheese on the nachos, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and serve them warm with freshly made salsa.
  • The Black bean salsa is a thick flavorful dip and tastes simply superb when married with carnitas, tacos, or tortilla chips. You can play around with the spice level depending upon taste. Grilled chicken breast also tastes extremely good with this kind of salsa. You can even put some corn in it to give it some more flavors.
  • Another favorite is mango salsa  which goes supremely well with grilled salmon and avocado. You could even use mango salsa as a dip for cooked prawns using their tails as "handles" for dipping. Or ladle over grilled fish or chicken.

Now that you know the numerous ways on how to eat salsa, your mouth must be watering at the very thought of these delectable dips. Have fun with them and cook up your kind of salsa recipe.


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How To Eat Salsa