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How To Eat Star Fruit

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eating star fruitStar fruit is a juicy star-shaped tropical fruit which does not look like conventional fruits leaving many wondering how to eat star fruit. Well, it’s really simple. And once you learn how to eat star fruit, there would be no stopping you because this delicious fruit is a storehouse of nutrients and antioxidants.

How to eat star fruit?

  • Before eating star fruit, it’s important that you pick the ripe one. Raw star fruit can be extremely sour. But how do you know the ripe one from the raw? This is how: The star fruit, if it’s green, is very raw. But if you happen to buy a green one, you can store it until it becomes ripe . Go for the bright yellow one with a tinge of green on it. If it’s yellow all over with specks of brown, it’s a clear sign that it is over-ripe. Texture is another way determining the right one. The ripe one is always firm. Do not go for the soft one.
  • Once you’ve picked the right fruit, it’s time to savor it. Why not start with rinsing it clean? Clean it under running water or with vegetable wash.
  • Now comes the slicing part. Place the fruit on its side and check for the flatter end with a brown speck on it. Cut that end and discard the piece. Now hold it vertically and cut along the five ridges to remove the brown outer edge.
  • After this, you can begin to slice it into pieces. Each piece might hold a seed or two. Remove it with the edge of your knife

You can either eat star fruit fresh or add it to salads or make juice. The juice of the star fruit tastes excellent when mixed with lime juice and sugar and garnished with cardamom and mint. It can also be added to the Thai salad (refer to my previous blog on how to eat dragon fruit for more on Thai salad) and had as a mid-morning snack.

All the while you’ve been shying away from buying this gorgeous fruit because you didn’t know how to eat star fruit. Follow these steps, savor the fruit and you will know how much you missed out on the best in the fruit fraternity.

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How To Eat Star Fruit