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How To Eat Coleslaw

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Eating Coleslaw

Not confident of how to eat Coleslaw? Here are a few tips.


Easy ways to eat Coleslaw salad

When being served, see that you toss the salad well, and takes portions of the salad in such a way that you get all the ingredients on a platter with a single serving. The salad is best to taste when served cold. I personally those salads that has cheese as one of the ingredients, and will like to see to that to add some cheese cubes if not added to the salad.

The salad is best eaten using spoon and fork or chopsticks, while the latter has been the most preferred method to gobble some of the yummy salads. However, if you are well versed in using the chopsticks, then use fork and spoon, with the spoon in the right hand and fork on the left hand. Help yourself with a few celery leaves and nuts and some cheese cubes with the help of a fork and put them into your mouth.

Well sounds simple, but with the nuts in it, you may spill some of the nuts down back into you platter, which is of course, is not a very good dining etiquette that you will make you feel embarrassed, and looks like you an illiterate to using fork and spoon, inviting unpleasant comments if this gets noticed. Always try to eat the nuts in whole and do not try to cut them into pieces, while you do not have to bother much about the seeds…for they stick on to the celery leaves and you eat them without taking much pain, while that is not the case with the cheese cubes and the nuts. Scoop the nuts with your spoon while you are still munching the previous mouth of the salad and this will make you feel like eating them with the salad, and the same goes for the cheese, or else, you can grate them and toss them with the salad.

Try including the beneficial salad in your menu as you understand how to eat Coleslaw.

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How To Eat Coleslaw