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How To Eat Tacos The Easy Way

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Tacos, the popular Tex-Mex snacks, are often considered as messy to handle. However, it need not be the case always.  Here are some stepwise instructions about how to eat taco thats will help you in this task. 



As a preparatory action to eat tacos without mess you need to make certain decisions. The decisions may include some steps about choosing the right kind of tacos.

  • Decide the kind of taco you want to munch on. It is totally your prerogative to decide whether you want to go for tacos with hard shell cover, or soft tortilla wraps. The main difference lies in the tastes that they leave in mouth after eating them. The hard shell cover tortillas may leave crusty feeling in mouth, whereas the soft tortillas may sink in mouth.


  • Choose between vegetarian and meaty versions of tacos: how you eat taco depends on what you choose for eating. If you wish to eat tacos with vegetarian ingredients then decide how much of it you do really need. If you overstuff the ingredients then there are the chances that the ingredients will bulge out from tacos and disfigure it and create holes. There are also wide chances that the ingredients will fall out of the tacos.


  • When you are pretty clear about ingredients needed in your taco then next comes, the issue of condiment.  You can either go for sour cream, sauces or salsa.


  • When done with all the above mentioned steps you can eat taco by preparing it in the form of pizza or any other form which you like. Everyone have their own style to eat tacos. Some may like it tipping at an angle, whereas some others may wrap it like burrito and enjoy it.  For good results it is best to pack maximum flavors in each bite. If you had a big bite and then next is nothing but a dollop of sour cream and the shell then that is not good.

    When you ensure that all the above requirements are met, then you can actually begin to eat taco.

  • Hold taco in hands in a very good condition. For best grip wrap your hands very lightly towards the back and firmly towards the front. This wrap will ensure that the ingredients will not fall out.


  • Put paper or  plate on the lap to ensure that you are not spilling  clothes and messing up the table.


  • Eat taco in bites. Always begin with small bite and end up in large. These small bites will help you to take control over your snack.


  • Chew slowly and nicely. Instead of making huge noises it is always recommendable that you eat tacos in a very slow and silent manner. This will not only help you to gain maximum out of your tacos but also help you to maintain a good eating atmosphere.


  • Once you eat tacos take care that you clean up the mess that have been accidently spilt.


If you are little mindful about the minute details then you can eat taco peacefully.


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How To Eat Tacos The Easy Way