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How To Eat Panettone

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Eating Panettone

Many of you may not know what panettone is; much less know how to eat panettone. This is tall, cylindrical sweet bread that hails from Milan and is traditionally eaten during the festive season of Christmas. 

Ways to Eat Panettone

  • Panettone is typically made with dried fruits or a chocolate filling. The bread has a spongy light texture, due to its special leavening process. The great thing about this sweet cake is that is lasts a pretty long time and can be enjoyed well after the Christmas season. Remember to wrap it tightly in heavy duty foil and freeze it for storage. Of course it not very friendly with weight watchers so don’t go overboard with it if counting calories.
  • If you are looking to buy some Panettone for Christimas this year, try looking in an Italian deli or a specialty grocery store. If you don’t have luck with either, you can definitely find it online from a number of stores especially around the season.  Don’t worry too much about it getting stale as it still retains its delicious taste.
  • The typical way to eat Panettone is toast it and spread some mascarpone cheese, a little butter, or even cream cheese. There is no specific time of the day that it should be eaten, enjoy it at breakfast, as a mid day snack or as dessert after dinner. Italians love eating this bread by dipping it in Marsala wine. During the Christmas season, Italians eat panettone after dinner with spumante or as a breakfast food with coffee. It can be used to make a wonderful French toast.  

Now that you know how to eat panettone, definitely include it as a treat during Christmas this season. If you think you can’t wait till December, run out to your nearest specialty store and buy some today.


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How To Eat Panettone