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How To Eat Hot Pot

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eating hot pot

Ever wondered if you really know how to eat hot pot? During a cold, dreary day, this dish can provide a lot of good warmth to the soul. If you know the different ways to eat it, it can be quite the interesting dish to savor. Here are three different ways to eating a hot pot.

Simplest Method

The first way is really, the easiest. There’s nothing to it. Simply throw in the vegetables and meats you enjoy eating into the pot and bring it to a boil. You can play around with whatever spices you like. After a few minutes the hot pot is ready and you can dig into the treasure pot of goodies.

Selective Method

If you prefer a more meticulous way of eating the hot pot , try this method. Dip a couple of slices of meat into the hot pot, throw in some other kind of protein like tofu or soy nuggets, some shrimp perhaps, and big chunks of your favorite veggies. Once the hot pot is done, take a fork and just pick those pieces of food out that you threw in.  

Mixture Method

If you like to do a mix of both, that would be your third option. Slice thin pieces of preferred meats and let them cook slowly. Depending on how rare you like the meat, you keep it cooking in the hot pot. If you like it well done, let it cook for a good long time. While throwing in vegetables like spinach or celery, they just need a few minutes in the hot liquid and they are pretty much done. Its fun to pick out all the foods you tossed in once the hot pot is ready. It can be a sort of treasure hunt for everybody in the family.

Soupy Method

After all the meat and veggies are done, the remains turn into a delectable soup. You can even throw in some noodles while the meat is simmering to enjoy it later with the soup. Wipe the remains with some slices of a warm crusty loaf of bread.

Now that you know how to eat hot pot, remember to set aside a good amount of time for this meal. You don’t want to hurry it and miss out on all the enjoyable aspects of the hot pot.


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How To Eat Hot Pot