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How To Eat Fajitas

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Eating Fajitas

When you are at a Mexican restaurant, do you find yourself wondering how to eat Fajitas? We often land up at a Tex Mex place or a Mexican restaurant and order fajitas, you are presented with about a pound and a half of cooked meat and vegetables, along with a side plate of “salad" that consists of lettuce, tomatoes, refried beans, sour cream, and guacamole. Apart from this you are just handed about two tortillas and you wonder, how do you eat this stuff?

The important thing to remember is that everyone eats them differently. If you make them at home you can just include what you want in them and that might make eating them a little easier.  

  1. The most acceptable way to eat fajitas , characteristically, is spreading sour cream, salsa, and guacamole (if you like all three) on your flour tortilla or fajita shell (whatever you call it). Depending on what you asked for to stuff the fajita with, meat, vegetables or both, place them down the middle of the shell. Shredded cheese is a garnish that goes really well with this dish and sprinkling it over the flour tortilla will give the dish some more oomph. Finally, you roll it up to where it looks like a thinner burrito


  2. For the most part lettuce and the tomatoes are just a garnish and used more by vegetarians or vegans who cannot have any meat in their Fajita. Marinated onions, peppers, chicken and steak are definitely more flavorful amongst all the fillings.


  3. Two tortillas can be a little less so dont feel shy to ask for more. If they are priced dearly on the menu then pick a Mexican restaurant that gives you more than just a couple. Typically you should receive four or 5. It is customary to receive beans and rice on the side and they are meant to remain just that, a side. Eat those with a fork or mix it up with some sour cream and salsa to make a yummy dip to eat with your nachos. 

Now that you know how to eat fajitas knock yourself out the next time you are at a Mexican restaurant.

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How To Eat Fajitas