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How To Eat Bread Pudding?

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eating bread pudding

How to eat bread pudding is an oft asked question simply because the dessert is so delicious to eat.

Bread Pudding as a Dessert or Cold Food

While being served, bread budding could be served on a sauce base, and is sprinkled with sugar and eaten cold as squares or in slices, while in Malaysia is a delicacy served with custard sauce, and in Hongkong is served with vanilla cream.

Pudding from oven

If you are thinking of dining and are being served with a yummy bread pudding all you need to do is to help yourself with a slice of the pudding and add the sauce that is served in concurrence, use the spoon or knife to help yourself to scoop the pudding into palatable sizes and eat them little by little without spilling over and relishing every single mouthful of this pudding. If you do like you can help yourself with one or more slices and top them with chilled fruits especially oranges or strawberries.

Bread Pudding for Breakfast as a Warm Morning Food

Bread pudding also tastes good when served warm, is the main course for your breakfast, this is a yummy, and stomach filling dish in the morning, which can keep you going the rest of the day. This pudding is made warm and blended with fruit mixture like apple, orange, strawberries, blueberries, grapes or bananas and will make a very good breakfast that can make the rest of the day energetic and active. Add little more milk, and mix well, and eat them when warm, will make a very good breakfast dish that is healthy and nutritious.


Whatever be the way of preferrence, there is no equal to the simple dessert if you know how to eat bread pudding.


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How To Eat Bread Pudding?