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How To Eat Biscuits

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 eating biscuitsBiscuits are a basic part of our everyday food which is available in a wide number of shapes, tastes and flavors. We all know how to eat biscuits, but here are some new ideas of eating a biscuit, which can be real fun and a new way to enjoy this everyday snack.

  • Eat biscuits plain
  • Split biscuits
  • Add proteins
  • Eating with eggs
  • Dessert
  • Recipes

Eating biscuits plain


  • How to eat biscuits plain? It is simple – just have them as soon as they are out of the oven.
  • Have warm fresh biscuits in your breakfast, with a cup of hot tea, coffee or even milk.
  • You can have plain flaky biscuits or even have them in a doughier style.


eating biscuits with  filling

Split biscuits

  • Just simply split a biscuit and fill it with some goodies of your liking.
  • You can use a spoon of jelly or jam, some fresh butter, or squeeze in some fresh honey or even maple syrup in your biscuit.
  • Eating a biscuit with filling makes it quite similar to sandwiches and even pancakes. Sprinkle cinnamon and chocolate syrup for added taste.

Add Proteins

  • How to eat biscuits by adding protein?  You can add a fresh slice of cheese, crispy bacon, and a ham slice.
  • Adding chicken slices, boiled vegetables and even bacon between slices of biscuits enriches it with proteins.
  • You can also have yogurt dips with biscuits, which is a completely new style.

Eating with eggs

  • Eating a biscuit with egg can be a real pleasure. Boiled egg sprinkled with pepper is delicious.
  • Delicious fried and scrambled eggs also taste good with biscuits.
  • You can also use fresh biscuits to dab up every bit of fried egg.
  • This can be had as your evening meal.


 biscuits as desserts


  • Biscuits make very interesting dessert. You can pour biscuits in a dish and pour some chocolate sauce over them and let them freeze.
  • Add some fresh curd with cream cheese on a bowl of biscuits – let it freeze for some time.
  • Top fresh biscuits with bananas, strawberries, cherries and whipped cream.
  • Eating a biscuit by sprinkling it over ice creams and custards is also delicious.


Are you wondering how to eat biscuits in other recipes?

  • Just crumble fresh biscuits, marinate chicken and deep fry it – you will love the crunchiness of the chicken due to the presence of biscuits.
  • Kids can prepare mini pizzas from smashed biscuits.


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How To Eat Biscuits