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How To Eat Quesadillas

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Eating Quesadillas A Quesadilla is a delicious food item, so it becomes interesting to know how to eat quesadillas. With its origin in Mexico, this dish is prepared with a corn tortilla or a flour tortilla. It is filled with many ingredients of which cheese forms an important constituent. Other important ingredients include cooked meat, vegetables, and refried beans. After filling, the quesadillas are folded and then cooked either by boiling or frying. As the cheese gets melted, the quesadillas are ready to serve but before serving, it is cut into wedges or small slices.



Mexican quesadillas have become very popular in America. The mode of preparation is same as in Mexico but some local ingredients are used in filling the quesadillas. The American quesadillas are also filled with cheese and other ingredients and grilled properly so that both the sides get cooked. Another famous variety of quesadillas served in America is known as Special Quesadilla. This type of quesadilla is deep fried till golden brown and then lightly spiced. Before being served, it is slightly fried and served hot.


Eating Quesadillas

When we talk about eating quesadillas, we should emphasize on different aspects, like what are different ways to eat them and what is required to eat them. So let’s see step by step how to eat quesadillas and enjoy the taste to its best.


  • Many people prefer eating quesadillas with hand but one should keep fork and knife while eating them so that if you are served with bulky quesadilla, you can use them to cut into small pieces. Else, enjoy eating quesadillas with hands but remain careful as it is served hot so don’t burn your fingers and mouth while eating quesadillas. 


  • Quesadillas are served with several toppings. So it’s advisable to use knife and spread the topping evenly over the surface of quesadillas.


  • Sometimes quesadillas are too bulky and big so it becomes important to cut them using knife and use fork to eat quesadillas. 


  • It’s good to eat quesadillas with Spanish rice. One should also try eating quesadillas with refried beans.


  • The taste of quesadillas can be relished more if it is eaten with a guacamole and a sour cream. One can also eat quesadillas with salsa on the top. If you are eating quesadillas in this manner, then its advisable don’t mess it with hands instead use fork and knife to enjoy the taste.


Thus, from the abovementioned tips, the enigma how to eat quesadillas gets solved. So, enjoy eating this Mexican dish.


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How To Eat Quesadillas