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How To Eat Stew

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Eating stew might appear a bit scary in public places. Stew is a combination of fresh vegetables like carrot, beans, pepper, potatoes and tomatoes and meat cooked in liquid and served with it, with seasoning and flavoring of choice. One might wonder how to eat stew due to its semi liquid nature. Learn how to eat this dish and enjoy savoring something you have not tried your hands in yet.



How To Eat Stew



Step 1: Take bowl of stew and keep it on a plate. Put the spoon on the plate.

Step 2:  Stir the stew to cool it gently. Don’t ever blow on spoon to cool stew or blow the stew in the bowl.

Step 3: Put spoon in the bowl and fill it. Move the spoon away so that the stew doesn’t slosh on your lap. Touch the spoon gently on bowl's rim to discard dripping before taking it to the mouth.

Step 4: Sip the stew quietly from side of the spoon.

Step 5: Tilt the bowl and scoop the remaining stew away from you when little is left.

Step 6: Place the spoon on the plate when done. Never let the spoon touch the table cloth after use.

 You can master the art of eating different types of stew instantly with contents provided below on how to eat stew.

How to eat French Chicken Stew: Also known as Coq Au Vin, this can be eaten with homemade bread, rice and with flat noodles. The soup is taken into a bowl and with a spoon the meat pieces are eaten first. Mop the sauce with rice, bread or noodles and eat.

How to eat French Beef Stew: Pot-Au-Feu means pot on fire and is a delicious French delicacy. It is healthy and filling prepared with meat, vegetable, spices and water. The broth is served hot generally in a soup bowl as the first course. Combination of rice, paste and bread can taste terrific with it. Meat and vegetable are generally had in second course.

Beef stew

How to eat Cassoulet: It is a kind of healthy and filling stew prepared with Frech Bean and meat preferably pork or duck in a casserole in low heat. Toulouse and Carcassonne are two different varieties of Cassoulet. It is eaten with salad, bread and butter. 

How to eat Brunswick Stew: This is a kind of Amrican stew prepared with a combination of varies vegetables, spices and herbs along with meat. Eat the stew in a plate with a spoon, stir in with your spoon to cool. With the spoon scoop trimmings and liquid and gently take in between your lips. Enjoy the stew with rustic croutons, crackers or some homemade butter sticks.


Now that you have learnt how to eat stew, savor varied taste and flavor of your choice. It’s very important to know how to eat the dish before you relish it.


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How To Eat Stew