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5 Foods That Are Secretly Unhealthy

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5 Foods That Are Secretly Unhealthy



Ever feel like your diet plans is not giving you the expected results? Like you've been watching what you eat  and yet nothing has changed?  Maybe it's because the food you thought was good for you isn't. Below, we have the 5 foods that are secretly unhealthy and can sabotage your fitness plans. 



1. Smoothies

You might think that with all fruit content in a smoothie, how could it be a secretly unhealthy food? Well, if you are following a diet plan, you probably know that many of these tropical treats can bring in trouble as it adds countless calories. Smoothies are mostly loaded with sugar and frozen yogurt and both are high on fat content. Most smoothies contain 400 to 600 calories on an average. 

2. Energy Bars

Energy bars are not always healthy, even if the packets states that these bars are stuffed with various nutrients. The Step Ahead Weight Loss Center in New Jersey, previously showed that most of the energy bars available in the market are practically glorified candy bars.  A typical energy bar is mostly rich in white flour, high fructose corn syrup, and other sweeteners. All these things end up destroying the healthy diet plans by providing extra 300 to 400 calories to the body.

3. Salads

A lot of people turn to salads when it comes to surviving on a low calorie diet. But, if you are ordering one in a restaurant don't assume it's healthier just because it's a salad. Most of the top restaurants all across the world serve salads with over 1,000 calories.  Ingredients like bacon bits, cheese, croutons, and creamy dressings are very high in fat.

4. Vitamin & Sports Drinks

The popularity of vitamin and sports drinks is growing day by day. But, contrary to the general belief, these vitamin drinks could actually bring in a lot of trouble. According to  research done by the American Heart Association, vitamin and sports drinks were proven to have a huge amount of added sugar, which can increase the risk of harmful diseases like diabetes and heart problems.

5. Wraps

Wraps are a popular and solid choice of meal. We usually think that the combination of lean deli meats and lettuce leaves as a healthy, lo-carb option.  Just keep in mind,  the flat breads used in the wraps can contain up to 300 calories.


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5 Foods That Are Secretly Unhealthy