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How To Eat Pani Puri

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Eating pani puriIt becomes very interesting to discuss how to eat pani puri as this Indian snack is so delicious that the mere mention of this dish brings so many flavours in mouth. It is a popular street snack, though now a day you can enjoy it at malls and supermarkets. Originated in the Magadh region of India, this delicious snack is round and hollow in structure while crispy in nature.  



Unlike other, recipes, you don’t need any spoon, fork or knife to eat pani puri. It is eaten simply by hands. For pani puri lovers, eating pani puri is very fun but for the beginners it would be an interesting experience. So, let’s explore how to eat pani puri.


  • In the traditional way, pani puri is served in a triangular plate made of sal leaves. In some places, 4 to 6 pani puris are served together in a big plate. But the road side vendors serve it one by one into triangular plate of sal leaves which is delicious in its own way. 


  • There are two types of pani puri which are made from two different flours and they both taste differently. You can try both in the beginning and later on stick to one type as per your taste bud.


  • Your pani puri vendor will pick one pani puri and make a hole in it through thumb and will put certain ingredients into it which remains prepared with them.


  • Pani puri is served with various ingredients. Mostly, it is chick pea and potatoes which are filled in the hollow pani puri by making a hole in it. Many a times, onion and sauces are filled into it as per the requirement of the customer.


  • After filling the ingredients, the pani puri is dipped in a mixture of water, tamarind, chili, chaat masala. The mixture of water is cold enough and sometimes sweetened or made tartar as per the specification of the customer.


  • Now the pani puri is served to you on the plate you were holding.


  • You have to eat it at one go by placing the entire pani puri in mouth. Bite the pani puri in your mouth; you will get a mixture of different taste.


  • While you are finishing the first serving, the second pani puri will be served in your plate. Eat it in the same way and at the end, ask the vendor to serve you the tamarind water in which pani puri was dipped. Drink it slowly, it’s yummy.


In this way pani puri can be eaten comfortably and it’s taste can be enjoyed.


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How To Eat Pani Puri