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How to Eat Naan

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Naan is a bread that is made from using white flour, salt and yeast and enough yoghurt to make the dough elastic, smooth and soft breads and that will give you an idea of how to eat naan. The dough is kneaded and is allowed to be activated by the yeast for making a softened and risen dough, which is made into naan. The naan is prepared from the risen dough that are rolled into smaller balls, flattened in a number of ways, typically round or triangle and cooked to a crispy or a soft texture. The crispier ones are typical naan of extreme north India or the roti, while the soft ones are typical of the central India. Some of the other names that similar preparations go by will include chappati, Naan burger, Kulcha, paratha, puri and roti, each coming with mild variations in the initial preparation and the way they are being cooked. Thus, Naan is one of the flattened and the most popular flattened bread that is known worldwide.


When you are discussing about eating Naan you will find yourself coming across variations and cultural stigma attached to the act of eating Naan.


In Afghansitan, eating Naan, which is made as a crispy bread is served usually with non-vegetarian, mostly meat curries or vegetarian curries. You need to break the Naan using your hands, scoop the gravy of the curry using this naan piece and eat them that the naan melts in your mouth. Use wipe towels, if you are dining with etiquette for a graceful dinner, otherwise is not a great botheration, while many a times you will them sitting in a squatting position while eating their food, which is unlikely for you to follow.



In India, most of the bread varieties, Naan is a soft white bread that comes in circular and brown triangular shaped breads. How do you eat them? I should narrate the incident that naan when ordered by my non-Asian seniors, found it amusing that they could not use them using spoon to eat them. Use your fingers to hold them and tear them into pieces using the forefinger, pointer and your thumb, and dip them into the curry or scoop some curry and fold them into small pieces that will melt in your mouth with yummy curry.


These breads are also used as wraps that are stuffed with mung dhal, veggie curries and meat preparations to make yummy wraps that could be eaten using bare hands or using spoon, fork and knife.

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How To Eat Naan