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How To Eat Noodles

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Tips Ti Eat Noodles

The question how to eat noodles looks very simple. But the answer is a little complex than it seems. Noodles come in various varieties – udon, crispy noodles, meatballs, buttered, spaghetti etc. And there is a right way to eat noodles – each one of them. This blog will help you to understand how to eat noodles without making a mess.

The Chinese noodles should be eaten with chopsticks while the Italian twirl long pastas, spaghetti and linguine, should be consumed using fork. Then you have the Vietnamese version which can be enjoyed with chopsticks, while people of Thailand believe that you can relish this dish as you wish to. Japanese use both their hands and eat the noodles using a gusto. Whatever cuisine be, the basic idea is to eat it the right way. These are few steps that will come handy whenever you wish to relish this delicacy. So, ready to eat noodles with us?

How To Eat Noodles

Before you start eating, understand about the culture. if you have Italian, the you should twirl the noodles to form a small bundle around your fork and eat the bundle. Use chopsticks to pick up the Asian versions. While Americans do not follow any particular way, they do not encourage slurping the noodles.

If possible, cut the longer noodles into smaller pieces. This way you can avoid noodles hanging out from your mouth. You can use a spoon and fork and just cut it.

If you are using chopsticks, hold the noodles firmly between them. A certain angle is required to hold them, else however you try the noodles will be in the plate and not in your mouth.

Eat in small quantities. Always take small quantities for each mouth. Never overstuff as the extra noodles will hang out of your mouth. You can either make the noodles as small bundles or as I mentioned, cut into pieces and enjoy.

Don’t slurp your noodles. No sound while making noodles. Suck the noodles from the chopsticks of fork very gently and carefully. The noodles you take should go into your mouth. Don’t eat leaving half the quantity in your spoon.

If you are eating noodle soup, hold a spoon in one hand and chopsticks in the other. Have a spoonful soup, take some noodles using chopstick, place in the spoon carefully and then eat it. You can definitely slurp here as it is a sign of complimenting the Chef on the taste of the dish.

So, next time someone asks you how to eat noodles, show them these easy and simple steps.

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How To Eat Noodles