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How To Eat Burritos?

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You are planning to buy a giant, hot buEating Burritorrito while you cross the burrito shop on your way, but you are flummoxed by the mess it creates while eating, it is quite likely that  you will change the idea of burrito eating, then halt, think and go back to Chipotle and smell the burrito taste. Eating burrito is widely observed in Mexico, and why not it should be, burritos has got its origin in Mexico. One of the best fast food, burritos is enjoyed by many people irrespective of age and boundaries. Burritos are soft, warm, flour based rolls which are heavily stuffed with hot crisp tortilla chips, peanuts, meat balls, spaghetti, sauces, and what not! The messy part is the liquid consistency in its crux, and needs to be delicately handled while eating; otherwise you are doomed to be messed all over! Some people stay back from relishing taste of burrito due to lack of skills in eating burrito. We have got some simple techniques to follow while you take the delicious bites.



Burrito Eating Etiquette

  • You have finally bought one big hot burrito to satiate your snack cravings. Bring it home and thaw it in microwave for some more time. This makes it bit crisp and the internal stuffing get more intact with each other.
  • At this point of time, you should have decided on how to eat burrito, like you want it teared and tattered on your plate or want to grasp the big bites in your hands.
  • The former way of shear and tear of burrito on plate is called as Colman style. In this method, you can cut down burrito in random or equal pieces which is totally up to your whims, spread it on plate, get some sauce over it, and garnish it with spring onions or red capsicum. Get some long forks, and start your venture of eating burrito.
  • In later part, you can try some hands on experience with eating burrito. Hold burrito in between your fingers spread wide apart, unwrap the foil over it and roll down the foil slowly and steadily. Choose the open side you would force into your mouth.
  • As you continue biting burrito, come to the center of it and unwrap the wrapper completely. You can see that some tortilla chunks pouring out from the other end, grab the pouring end and force the chunk into mouth. This way you can stop your burrito from creating mess around you.
  • One of the simplest method entails, cutting down burrito into small pieces, and adding some squelchy spicy gravy to it. You can have it as wonderful breakfast option which is too delicious to resist!

Mentioned above are some of the tips and techniques on how to eat burrito and savor every bite of it. Enjoy your spicy, delicious Mexican tour this way!

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How To Eat Burritos?