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How To Eat Natto?

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Eating natto is like tradition in Japan, and is considered a healthy option for old age people. For those who don’t know about this new way of being on healthy track, let me introduce you to it. Eating NattoNatto are fermented soybeans which are either eaten raw, or cooked with rice and other variable food stuffs. It is prepared by fermentative process carried out by bacteria namely natto bacillus. It is disliked by many people just because of its acerbic and pungent odor. Non vegan people will specially admire natto taste for the reason that it smells and taste like meat. Natto contains loads of minerals, vitamins, and meat proteins. In Japan, people who are on high risk of cardiovascular disease, and those suffering from acute arthritis like conditions, are recommended daily dose of natto in their diet. Globally you find natto commercially as small serving size packages. Natto go unnoticed by many diet planners as they don’t know how to use it in their dish. Let us find on how to eat natto conveniently.



Many Ways of Eating Natto

You can try out many innovative and traditional ways of eating natto, in the course of time you are assured of getting used to eating natto.

  • One of the most basic ways of natto eating is in its raw fermented form. Take some freezed natto from fridge, thaw it and season it with cilantro, lemon drops, salt, pepper, red pepper powder, and some tamarind paste which is optional.
  • Natto is preferred with hot white rice and some fresh green salad. Boil some rice in plain, or add some peanut butter to it. Add some natto to it and enjoy the tasty dish with fresh cut salad. It turns out to be a delicious and healthy lunch for everyone.
  • One of the other popular ways of eating natto is as follows. Put some fried natto in a large bowl. Add some mustard and soy sauce to it, let it thaw for some time; add some rice to it which has been presteamed. Finally season the whole dish with red onions, and some more natto.
  • For those who love adding eggs to their recipes, natto can be eaten with some raw egg which is microwave on high. The egg is finally cooked to full and you can add some white rice to this already cooked natto egg preparation. It seems to taste awesome beyond any doubt!
  • You can top some Japanese noodles like somen noodles, or even spaghetti over natto. Dribble some soy sauce to it and enjoy the magic of this delectable breakfast.
  • Some people love adding sugar to their natto which they claim it to be interesting and truly overwhelming in taste. You can try it too if you want sweet tooth cravings satisfied.
  • You can add some salty spicy curd to natto and sprinkle some cilantro or mint leaves over it.

By now you must be aware of variety of combination on how to eat natto. Enjoy your snack time!

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How To Eat Natto?