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How To Eat Pizza?

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Ever heard about proper pizza etiquette? This guide on ‘How To Eat Pizza’ will discuss some of the popular methods of eating pizza or enjoying it without burning the roof of your mouth.



Pizza may be an Italian delicacy, but its great taste has made it favorite across the world. However, how to eat pizza remains the question of debate. Some advocate eating it with their hands, while others find eating it with cutlery more mannered.

Eating Pizza with Cutlery

If you want to show how mannered you are at the table, eat your favorite pizza with forks and knifes. Moreover, it helps you enjoy toppings, crust and cheese in one single bite.

  1. It is messy to eat pizzas topped with rucola. Hence, such pizzas are easier to eat with knifes and forks.
  2. When you are served a pie of pizza on plate with a knife and fork, it is pretty clear that you should eat it with the set of cutlery.
  3. Although, there are no hard and fast rules on eating pizza in a pizzeria, one of the best ways to eat pizza is to see how people around you eat and follow the style.

Eating Pizza with Hands

While eating with cutlery shows table etiquette, eating pizza with hands is no sin either. People often find it more comfortable to use their hands as instruments in eating pizza.

  1. If a single pie of pizza is handed to you on a piece of tissue paper, it is well understood that you have to use your hands.
  2. You can choose to eat toppings with a knife and pizza crust with your hand or vice versa. For example If you want to enjoy six different varieties of meat toppings in Pizza Hut’s ‘Meat Lover's’, use your hands.
  3. Another way of eating pizza is to fold its two sides of the crust together to create a ‘U’ shape. However, you may face some loose toppings, while taking a bite.
  4. Use hands, if you want to dip the pizza into dipping sauces, ranch-dressing or buttermilk. If you are sharing pizza with someone, the etiquette says break the pizza pie into small pieces before dipping or use separate dipping.

Your love for pizza is understandable, but that doesn’t mean you burn your mouth. If you don’t mind eating when pizza slightly cools down, go for it, else pour normal sauce on it or eat a small bite in the beginning before you actually eat it. It doesn’t matter how you eat pizza, what matters is that you must enjoy every single bite of it.

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How To Eat Pizza?