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How To Eat Ice Cream

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No body will dare to explain how to eat ice

cream because we all know that eating an ice cream is a fantastic experience and we all know how to eat this heavenly food. However, if we are asked about the ways to eat ice cream, we will surely find us in the midst of lots of options and confusions. Let’s share some handy but tasty recipes to enjoy ice cream; with these recipes you can enjoy ice creams even in chill winter.



How to eat ice cream: three easy points


While we all know how to eat ice cream, we should remember three major points while enjoying this creamy treat

  • Ice cream gets melted, so sooner is better [wonderful excuse not to share it]
  • Ice creams are hi-fat dairy products, it is better to go for low fat ice creams
  • Ice creams are made with milk, sugar, and sometimes with egg; most of the ice cream ingredients are sensitive, therefore it is always good to have it from latest stock from the shop’s freezer.


Ways to eat Ice cream: some tasty alternatives


Hardly have we wished to have ice cream in other way than the regular ones; however, if we have wished, there are some wonderful ways to have ice cream where the taste and flavors are never compromised.


  • You can make an ice cream shake in 2- min time; add the ice cream into some cold milk and put the mixture in blender and in next few minutes a wonderful glass full ice-cream shake will be ready. Put a straw in it, and instead of licking start sipping. A real fun indeed!!!


  • Choy pour favorite fruits like banana, strawberry, or mango in a bowl; add 2-3 scoops of vanilla or butterscotch ice cream on it. Have your fruits with the delicious ice cream topping. It is tasty, healthy, and easy as 1-2-3.


  • Get some cones in your house; fill the cone with 2-3 scoops of ice cream and start having it immediately as we do in ice cream parlor. This is the best way to pamper your bad mood if any. You can give one scoop to your daughter as well.


  • Instead of having ice cream in a bowl or in a cone, you can have it in stick-candy form with you favorite flavor. These hard candies are iced creams and not in soft creamy textures what we get in bowl or in ice-cream cups.


With all these easy and fun filled how to eat ice cream delights surely you will enjoy your summer; be cool and have coolest fun!!!


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How To Eat Ice Cream