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How To Eat Baked Brie with Family

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Tips on eating baked brieEating baked brie with all family members is still a tradition in many homes. Sunday is the day, when family members choose to sit together, relax and spend hours chatting – this is the special time baked brie is served to be relished with everyone around. If you choose to eat baked brie, then instead of having it alone, bring together your family and close friends…the experience is surely going to be commendable.


Here are some interesting ideas to eat baked brie with your loved ones:


Since you are going to serve your baked brie to everyone who has dropped in, why not decorate your brie sumptuously before serving? To make it look mouthwatering, cover it up with puff pastry, brush with some egg whites, and let the brie bake till it becomes golden. You can let this stand for a few minutes, before you can invite others to help themselves and eat baked brie.


Decide the kind of texture you desire when eating baked brie! What is the common preference because baked brie can be eaten in its crumbled form and also in its soft melty texture? Baked brie which is crumbly has one of the strongest flavors – would your family love such a strong flavor while eating.


Baked brie can be eaten as an appetizer. You can serve small amounts of brie before you serve your main dish or else you can serve it just as a light appetizer instead of any snack. Brie is preferred since it is quite filling and very tasty – kids will love it!

Aluminum foil:

This is a great way to serve baked brie while it is still warm and soft. If your family loves to eat baked brie, while it is still warm, you can wrap brie neatly in aluminum foil and bake it for some. You will find it convenient to spread out the cheese on crackers and bread and it shall make a great contrast for cold fruits too when serving warm baked cheese in aluminum foil.

Here are some more easy tips for   eating baked brie:  

  • Try and keep the shape of the brie same and keep the slices slim.
  • Your family can eat the rind with its soft content – you will love the way your family appreciates the combination.
  • Baked brie tastes wonderful when eaten with bread – though it can be served with crackers too!
  • Never preheat the baked brie before serving – the French cheese used in baked brie is not suitable for heating.



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How To Eat Baked Brie With Family