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How To Eat Bakers Cheese

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Bakers' Cheese

Bakers cheese, as the name suggests, is a type of cheese which is used in baking goodies. This is a soft cheese which is made from cow’s milk. Bakers cheese is usually manufactured in Switzerland but it has also been replicated in Europe and thas been quite popular among the people.


Bakers cheese is made from pasteurized skimmed milk. A small amount of goat’s milk is also added to it while manufacturing process so as to make its texture a bit creamy. This is one cheese which is entirely vegetarian and organic as it does not contain any animal product. It is made by adding microbial rennet and hence it is also approved as a kosher food, although the factory might require some inspection by a rabbi.


If you eat bakers cheese thinking that it would be quite nutritious, then let me tell you that it contains around 65 percent fat by weight. It is due to the presence of fat that makes bakers cheese suitable for using in baking without the fear that it ill leech out. The high fat content helps it bind.


This cheese is very soft and spongy to touch and since has a mild flavor.


Bakers cheese is prepared by mixing up a gallon of milk from powder and heating it at a high flame. Next step requires the addition of 1/8 tsp of EZAL culture followed by a few drops of rennet dissolved in /4 cup of water. This mixture is left to sit for around 8 hours or overnight at room temperature. After the stipulated time is over, pour the curd into cheesecloth and the hang it up to drain the excess water. The bag or the cloth with the hung curd is then gently pressed between boards and then again left for draining. After all the water is drained until the cheese is moist but not wet, then it can be stored in the refrigerator.


Bakers cheese is also a type of cream cheese and I best served fresh. Though bakers cheese is ideal for baking, it can also be served with fruits, nuts, mixed with other cheeses like mascarpone to make appetizers and many other such goodies.


If you are using bakers cheese in cooking, don’t be surprised if your dishes end up having a creamy texture. Since it is creamy in texture itself, bakers cheese will make the consistency of the dishes also creamy.


An interesting way to eat bakers cheese is to make a cheesecake from it. You can also stuff prunes or dates with it and savor the fruits with a creamy texture.


Another interesting way to use bakers cheese is to blend it with some chopped herbs like parsley, green onion, chives. Add a drizzle of olive oil, some wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Cover it and refrigerate it for some time. It can be served on baguette slices.


Cook it or bake it, either ways bakers cheese is bound to leave an amazing flavor in your mouth!



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How To Eat Bakers Cheese