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How To Eat Farmer Cheese

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The fresh drained curd from the low fat pasteurized milk is known as cottage cheese. When it is drained further, it is called pot cheese. Finally all the moisture is removed to give Farmer cheese that is dry and crumbly.  Farmer cheese is made using special drying and curdling process and finds use in range of recipes. You get Farmer cheese made from milk of goat, cow or sheep and even that of yaks.



It was the farmers who made this cheese at home for personal use, they used to prepare this cheese quickly and easily and that’s one of the reason it was traditionally named as farmer cheese. Though it is known under different names across the globe, most commonly it is called dry curd cottage cheese.  This creamy white colored cheese texture ranges from dense to smooth. They are available in variety of shapes, but commonly you get them in small blocks or rounds.

How to eat Farmer cheese

It is good on its own; however you can eat it with crackers and breads. The Farmer cheese is a versatile cheese that is good to eat and to be used in cooking.

Pairing with foods

You can eat Farmer cheese with blintzes, pierogies, and some variety of cheese cakes. Also you can use this cheese as a substitute for ricotta cheese in various recipes. 

Wine Pairings

The mild taste of farmer cheese pairs well with pinot noir, Riesling, Rose/blush and Chardonnay


The tasty recipe Red Pepper corn bread uses Farmer cheese; when used in Cranberries and Walnuts recipe, it gives a distinct taste.

Nutritional Value

Farmer cheese is low in lactose and carbohydrate, so dieters and those who are intolerant to lactose can include this in their diet. However it is high in sodium; so try to get low sodium farmer cheese varieties

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How To Eat Farmer Cheese