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How To Eat Comte Cheese

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Comte is a hard and chewy cheese which is made from cow’s milk. Comte cheese is a classic French cheese. This cheese is very similar to the swiss Gruyere cheese and the proper name of this cheese is Gruyère de Comté.



There are different varieties of comte cheese—fruite or sale, meaning fruity or salty. While fruite comte is more elastic, sale is brittle. Another and most expensive variety is the Comte vieux or old comte. This is the cheese which has been aged over six months and even over a year.

Comte cheese is great as an appetizer and it is also the traditional fondue cheese. Other ways to eat comte cheese is to grate it, melt it or just chunk it in pieces and use in dishes.

You can also eat comte cheese on a platter along with wine. The key rule to eating cheese and wine is not to taste any wine before tasting cheese. Comte cheese goes well with Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir has dried cherry and a light aroma with the flavor of plum, cherry, pomegranate which goes well with the nutty and slightly tangy flavor of the cheese. Comte cheese can also be paired with dry white wines like Sancerre, red wine like Beaujolais and Jura wines.

Comte cheese is very versatile and can be eaten on plain or rye crackers. You can also melt it and spread on sliced baguette. You can also eat comte cheese by shredding it over eggs, or using it in soups or with fruits or even on salads.

Some of recipes made from comte cheese are quiches, fondue, vegetable gratins, sandwiches, frittata, and even desserts like drunken bread pudding with apples and comte can be made from it. A cheese soufflé, macaroni, goat cheese and tomato tart are also some of the recipes which use comte cheese.

Comte cheese is indeed very versatile and can be used in so many different ways. So what are you waiting for, just eat comte cheese in any way that appeals to you.

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How To Eat Comte Cheese