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How To Eat Smoked Gouda Cheese

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Gouda CheeseSmoked Gouda Cheese has its origin in Netherlands and is available in different varieties. All the varieties of the cheese are determined by considering their age. It is known as Graskaas, Jong, Jong belegen, depending on its age. The cheese when young and fresh, is creamier while it gets hard and salty with age. You won’t have any difficulty in identifying this cheese as it has edible, brown rind and a distinct creamy, yellow interior. The cheese is prepared by being smoked in brick ovens which has smoldering hickory chip embers. This ancient way of slow smoking of the cheese imparts a great flavor to it.



Types Of Smoked Gouda Cheese


The cheese which is exported is of two qualities viz. the young Gouda cheese and mature Gouda cheese. The young Gouda cheese is 1 to 6 months in age and is rich yellow in color. It also has a yellow or red paraffin wax coating. Due to its freshness and softness, it is easily sliced and often used as a cheese spread.


On the other hand, smoked Gouda cheese which is aged, gets bit pungent and bitter in taste. In spite of the change in taste, the cheese is still creamier. They are also available in black paraffin wax coating. As the aged cheese gets hard, it becomes difficult to cut them with a cheese slicer. But their small cubes can be easily made by cutting them with a knife. 


Ways Of Eating Smoked Gouda Cheese


There are different methods to eat smoked gouda cheese. Moreover, they have two distinct flovor as per their age, so we can use them in different ways in preparing different foods. Some of the interesting ways to eat smoked gouda cheese are as follows:


  • Smoked gouda cheese is eaten directly. The cheese forms a perfect midnight snack. If you are planning for a picnic, this cheese would perfectly serve as party platters.


  • Serve smoked gouda cheese with a beer. It works as a great side dish with it.


  • Smoked gouda cheese macaroni is another wonderful way of relishing the taste of this creamier cheese. It’s a very popular food where grated smoked gouda cheese is used abundantly.  


  • Have you ever tried making smoked gouda cheese grits. Try it; it’s a delicious food that acts as a great side dish for many barbeque main dishes. If you don’t know the recipe, search online to know how to prepare smoked gouda cheese grits and try making it as it’s very easy to make.


These were some of the interesting ways of eating smoked gouda cheese. So, what are you waiting for, give all of them a try as they are delicious.


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How To Eat Smoked Gouda Cheese