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How To Eat Granular Bee Pollen?

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Bee pollen granules are one Bee Pollen Granules of the richest sources of nutrition encompassing all the essential vitamins, proteins, and fats in balanced dose. Bee pollen is deemed to be a super food. It is harvested by bee keepers and transported to market as a sale commodity. Commercially available bee pollen come in small granulated from, or in pellets form. Before we proceed to the many uses of bee pollen granules, let me apprise you with some of health secrets possessed in this mighty food.



What is Bee Pollen?

Bees collect nectar from various flowers and in this course of actions; it glues pollen beads to its hind leg. It is this pollen bead we call bee pollen. What harvesters do in apiaries is that they collect all those bees with bee pollen and keep it for further processing. This comes to us in form of bee pollen granules.


Health secrets of Bee Pollen unveiled

People suffering from hay fever can be hugely benefited with bee pollen treatment. Bee pollen is good for growing kids to retain their memory and make their immunity stronger and mature. People troubled with digestive disorders and other celiac diseases can find some relief with bee pollen diet. Bee pollen is one remedy for myriad of medical problems like, depressive syndrome, sleep disorders, mood swings, cholesterol, weight loss, decrease in appetite, and infertility.


Use of Bee Pollen granules

There can be numerous dishes and culinary items you can cook up with introduction of bee pollen. The trick is only to add appropriate amount and at right time.

  • Use bee pollen granules in fruit custards and smoothies. To make the evenings more interesting, you can relish some great smoothies made up of banana, green apple, pine apples, and melons with add one of granulated bee pollen. One important thing to notice here is that never grind the bee pollen granules. You must use it in its most natural form available.
  • Sprinkle bee pollen granules on puddings and serve it warm. The power packed nutrition is on your way with various puddings dishes.
  • You can kick start your day with a spoon full of bee pollen granules along with boiled egg and lettuce sandwiches.
  • One of the most interesting ways of eating bee pollen granules can be turn it into powder form and use it as sugar substitute in oranges juice and mango shakes. After all you are here with a great sugar replacement.
  • You can experiment with some yogurt shakes with honey drops and sprinkled with bee pollen granules. It can be great soothing drink during hot scorching summer afternoons.
  • Try out spewing some bee pollen granules on homemade popcorn and add some salt and cumin powder to it. You will be thankful for savoring such a great evening snack.
  • Some of the simple and effective ways can be just taking in one to two tea spoon of bee pollen as nutritional supplement every day.

Viewing so many new discoveries of bee pollen granules, I am sure you are heading towards a new diet plan!

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How To Eat Granular Bee Pollen?