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Six Best Cheese Snacks On The Market Today

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Cheese snacks are exciting tidbits that tempt most of us but preparing them can be time consuming as well as difficult especially if you happen to have poor culinary skills. However, there is nothing to fret for we bring to you a list of 6 best cheese snacks on the market today!


You will have the option of choosing from an array of the best cheese snacks that abound in the market. The commercial products are in no way inferior to the home made cheese snacks. On the contrary, some of them may prove to be addictive as well.


Best Cheese Snacks On The Market

Let us now look at the varieties of the best cheese snacks that adorn the supermarket racks.


1. Mini Gruyere And Poppy Seed Shortbreads From Marks & Spencer

The soft peppery shortbread tastes delicious even as you pop it in your mouth. The scattering of poppy seeds on the surface makes it crunchy as well while the soft gruyere from Marks & Spencer simply melts in your mouth.


2. Cheese Straws- Crusty Croc

The flaky puffed cheese straws make delicious snack items that will make you reach out for more within minutes. The crust stuffed with the warm Edam and Gouda cheese help in enlivening the taste like no other.


3. Goats’ Cheese & Walnut Sables From Fine Cheese Company

The nutty biscuits have the distinct taste of goat’s cheese with the densely baked cookies revealing the existence of clotted cream at every bite. Red wine goes well with the crumbly cookies too.


4. Buttered Cheddar Thins From Sainsbury

Flaky and brittle, these crisp and thin biscuits are baked with the minimum of ingredients. The rich buttery taste will fill your mouth even as you begin to taste the hard and nibbly cheddar within it.


5. Stilton Cheese Wafers From Fudges

The delicately baked and irregularly shaped cookies are rich with the taste of  blue cheese making you remember the cheese snacks baked by your mom.


6. Cheddar And Chive Crisps By Tyrrell

A bowl of these cheesy snacks can definitely beat the ever popular potato chips fair and square. The savory snacks taste crisp and fresh and you will be pleasantly surprised to detect the hint of chives in this crunchy snack item.


The commercial snacks are hitting the stores across the world and their ever rising popularity gives credence to their superiority both in terms of taste and hygiene. Cheese snacks are also being produced increasingly with many big names joining the fray. It is both easy and convenient to buy and stock them in order to appease your pangs of hunger whenever you feel like biting into something savory.


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Six Best Cheese Snacks On The Market Today