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Which Snacks Should Be Avoided Before Bedtime

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Research and study on sleep disorder has revealed that some snacks to be avoided before bedtime and it results in better sleep at night. You can take some snacks at bedtime; however, the selection of snacks should adhere by some basic guidelines.


Which are the snacks to be avoided: a few handy tips

  • Stimulants types of foods raise the level of alertness in your body and that creates a situation which goes against the requisites of sound sleep. Caffeine is one of such brain stimulator, which helps to make people alert and drags off drowsiness. Caffeine based foods, caffeine based drinks, and snacks to be avoided strictly before bedtime. 
  • Fast foods are often found with gluten. Gluten initiates hyper activity in between kids however, in some instances adults are not spared at all. Gluten based foods and snacks at bedtime need to be mostly avoided.
  • The snacks having synthetic sugar contents are worst snacks to be avoided before bedtime. Glucose hits at energy level of humans and makes the consumer energized, which is against the sleep requirement. Foods with synthetic sugar or natural sugar based content are best to be avoided before bedtime.
  • Although drinks are not included in the list of snacks but energy drinks are often consumed as a substitute for snacks especially in the night; as most of the energy drinks are great stamina booster, it is better to avoid snacking with an energy drink before bedtime.
  • Food which are high in protein and low in calcium and carbohydrates are snacks to be avoided before bedtime; these foods spoil the proneness to sleep. Hard boiled eggs, celery with tuna salad, string sticks, cheese, etc are some snacks with high protein value but with low calcium and carbohydrate proportion. These snacks at bed time are not sleep friendly foods.
  • Dairy foods with high fat contents like ice cream, sweet yogurt, milkshake with chocolate flavor is great to taste but are not friendly to sleep howsoever tasty these items are.
  • A bowl of cereal is a good breakfast item but it is equally anti-sleep food if consumed at night before bedtime. You should never have cereals as snacks at bedtime; these foods are simple sleep spoilers.
  • Fruits like apple, banana or the juice of apple or banana snacks to be avoided in bedtime. Similarly cola and candies may have adverse effect on sleepbecause of their caffeine content.
  • Research on bedtime foods have disclosed the fact that high fat based foods are great hindrance for sound sleep. Foods with high fat content are cheese, potato chips, noodles, instant soups, pasta, and pizza. These snacks at bedtime should mostly be avoided.


Those who suffer from distracted sleep order should know the snacks to be avoided at bedtime to have uninterrupted sound sleep at night at regular basis.




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Which Snacks Should Be Avoided Before Bedtime