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How To Eat Aged Cheese?

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eat aged cheeseWell, many of them turn their face at all angles to give that awkward look that they hear that today’s recipe will include cheese and much greater angles if I spell out aged cheese. I find that many prefer butter than cheese, as butter has been part of the Hindu tradition, reflecting on the use of milk in varied forms in the Indian recipe. Many of these instances will include the childhood mythological stories of Lord Krishna and incidents written revolving around him as a child running and stealing butter from his mother.


I could hardly recollect any such instances of cheese, and cheese is basically an imported sort of kitchen idea from the Persians and the Western world, for Abraham served cheese to the angels who came to visit him, when they promised Sarah will beget a child. Cheese, unlike butter, is a fermented food, and is much more nutritious than the butter, for this mostly comprises of the proteins, vitamin and phosphorous and calcium, and has constituents like amino acids which aids in increasing the absorption of the essential nutrients. Many doctors prescribe to eat aged cheeseto pregnant women.

Cheese as such could be served as toppings in crackers, biscuits, starters or appetizers, and much more.  In addition, cheeses are great pairings with wine and crackers. Eating cheese is a kind of tradition in the Western and the Mediterranean culture.

Aged cheese also forma a part of many of the recipes, wherein they will melt to give a sticky, creamy and tangy taste. You will find that when you do a search that there is a wide range of cheese recipes available, with some of the most loved Indian dishes are Shahi Panneer, Palak paneer and many more alike dishes, wherein you can eat the aged cheese as cottage cheese. This cheese is softer and most often used as hung curd, but when manufactured on a wide scale they allow them to mature and ripen to form what is known as the Paneer. Cottage cheese, also finds way in Indian homes in the making of baking dishes like cakes and biscuits that are prepared at home.

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While the good news about aged cheese is that you need not fear eating cheese for these ripened, and aged cheese, right from Cheddar, Swiss, Mozarella or Colby are some of the best cheeses. These cheeses find their way into many of the recipes like Pizza, lasagna, cheesy rice and boiled vegges, chicken and paneer, and much more that, which can touch your imagination.  Why? The fact behind aged cheeses not affecting people who are intolerant to lactose is because by the time the cheese gets aged, the main carbohydrate or the energy source in the milk, lactose sugar, is being used by the ripening organisms. They convert them into more of a palatable form for anyone, and therefore aged cheese is healthier alternative to milk.

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How To Eat Aged Cheese?