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How To Eat Florida Land Crabs

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The tricks to eat Florida lands crabs are not limited in the mastery of culinary preparation only. Eating crabs demands some special skill too. If you wish to taste the delicious crab preparation in any Florida crab-special restaurants you have to learn the skill to enjoy the tasty crab flesh prior to order the dish. Here I have tried to explain the techniques that will perhaps make your effort easier than you have thought about the plan.


Why to eat Florida land crabs

People may wonder that why it is necessary to learn tricks for enjoying a food dish. The food lovers may not require any excuse for taking any trouble for enjoying a tasty dish, but there are people who may ask for the reason to take such botheration. There are logical reasons behind this effort to eat Florida land crabs.

  • Florida land crab culinary preparations are extremely tasteful
  • Crab’s meat are enriched with protein, fat, magnesium, and selenium, hence quite nutritious
  • It is loaded with vitamins like Folate and vitamin B6, and is a great supportive food for anemic patients and also for carrying mothers.


Eating crabs: the easy steps


Preparation to eat Florida land crabs recipe is extremely easy; however, the raw carbs need prior cooking treatment so that the eating crab flesh becomes easier.

  • You need to hold the crab  with pressure. You have to break each of the leg joints connecting shell and thigh of the crab. You should better use crab scissors for the work. Once the shell is open, you can pull the meat from the carcass. Place it on a plate and discard the shell into the waste bin.
  • Depending on the size of the leg, you should cut it into two to three pieces; you should not try to break the shell with hands. You will be at safer side if you use a gripper to tear off the shell.
  • Crab legs contain the thickest fleshy part on the thigh portion; the claws and the end point of the legs are of no use. You should discard the claw portion beforehand. In general, Florida land crabs do not have flesh in their claw portion. However the crab might be exceptionally big in size, it may have flesh on its claw portion as well; you should check it once before discarding.
  • The job is not tough; it is tricky and needs neatness to cut off the carcass with great care. You should use crab scissors for the shell cutting however, in case if you do not have any crab scissors right now, you can try the trimming with a mallet or a nut cracker as well.
  • In case you are in a restaurant and have got the crabs cooked with shell; just check with waiter if the shells are already broken by chef. If not ask for a crab scissor and do the trick before you start having the food.


Now in your plan to eat Florida land crabs you should have no difficulty; with all the tricks discussed here eating crab meat is only fun, no hassles.



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How To Eat Florida Land Crabs