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How To Eat Stilton Cheese

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blue veins on a slice of stilton cheese

Stilton cheese is not the kind to be loved by everyone who tastes it. It is slightly crumbly in texture, extremely creamy but with a very definite salty, strong, and rich flavor. This is a type of English cheese well known for its prominent strong smell and taste. For cheese to use the name "Stilton", it must be produced in one of the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire,and Nottinghamshire, and should use pasteurized milk. There are two kinds of Stilton cheese; there is the not as popular white one and the well known blue. An interesting fact about this cheese is that it gets its blue veins from the saprotrophic fungus.


The most common way to eat this cheese is to use it in a sandwich of course. Take great tasting bread like Asiago bread or perhaps a sour dough, use your favorite fillings like pickles, cold meats, avocado or whatever have you and sprinkle with some stilton cheese. This makes for a great meal, especially if you are out on a warm summer day and have a cold beer to go along with it. Stilton cheese also tastes great on a piece of toasted bread.


If you want to make a cheese sauce, stilton cheese is another fantastic option. This cheese is a little pricey so mix it up with a little cheddar. Make a wonderful white sauce for a pasta dish. Port wine can be paired extremely well with a dish made in this kind of sauce. Leeks and bacon will go supremely as a side dish. Stilton cheese will taste better with vegetarian lasagna over a meat based one.


Vegetarian quiche will dramatically improve in flavor if some stilton cheese is used on top as a garnish. It gives it a savory, rich taste and works best with a mushroom quiche. Pizza would probably not be a good idea as the overwhelming flavor of this cheese might ruin the taste of the pizza, plus you would need it in extensive quantity.


If you are thinking about making a Cornish pasty, add stilton. The cheese melts whilst cooking and blends with the other ingredients. The effect is simply mind blowing and will rank up there amongst the best pies you have ever feasted on. 


Experiment with your food next time and try to eat stilton cheese with some of the foods mentioned above.


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How To Eat Stilton Cheese