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How To Eat Asiago Cheese

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a slick of asiago cheese


Asiago cheese originates from Europe and is named after a region in Italy where it was first produced. This region is identified as the Asiago High Plateau, which lies within the Italian Alps. The cheese is pronounced ah-SYAH-goh and is a nutty flavored cheese.


This cheese is a type of Italian cow's milk cheese which varies in texture from soft to hard, depending on the type of Asiago. It is frequently used in kitchens all over Italy and has now reached out the rest of the world as well.  You typically see Asiago cheese in its hard form grated over pasta, pizza, salads, etc. Asiagohas a distinguishing tangy flavor and scent which many consumers really enjoy. This cheese is easily available in most super markets and is quite reasonably priced as well.


Younger forms of Asiago are best eaten as table cheeses, perhaps with some fruit and a sweet wine from the neighboring Italian region of Friuli. Asiago cheese also couples well with a cured pork product called Speck, which is made in the same region as Asiago.. A sliver of Speck swathed around a 5 or 12-month piece of Asiago will taste blissful to a foodie. This cheese is a fantastic choice for an after-dinner cheese platter, where it should be married with a big, full-bodied red wine, like Amarone. If it is being grated over foods or used as an ingredient in foods for a main course, pair it supple red wines such as an Italian Cabernet.  You can make a potato gratin with a five-month Asiago instead of cheddar or gruyere. This adaptable cheese will soon become a regular in your kitchen as it has all across Italy.


Asiago cheese dates as far back as the year 1000 AD, Asiago cheese was produced by farmers in this region for use locally. Now, it is manufactured commercially in northeast Italy, specifically in the provinces of Vincenza e Trento, Padua, and in Treviso.


Asiago cheese is highly recommended for the elderly and those suffering from Osteoporosis. This cheese is easy to digest, soft to chew and contains good amounts of calcium, phosphorous, and the fresh variety even contain live milk enzymes.


As you can clearly see, there are multiple ways to use and eat Asiago cheese!


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How To Eat Asiago Cheese