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How To Eat Cheese Curd

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Eating cheese curdCheese curd is delicious in taste which is either eaten alone or with some additives. It is actually small pieces of solid cheese separated from natural whey but not pressed into proper molds. This type of cheese especially cheddar cheese is high in demand, especially in American Midwest. There are various ways to eat cheese curd. Let’s explore some of the interesting ways that makes the process of eating it more enjoyable with added taste.



  • Fresh cheese curds are eaten straight away as they taste great. They are mild in taste and have milky flavor. The most interesting thing in eating cheese curds is their characteristic squeak. This squeaky noise disappears if they start drying out. Kids love this squeakiness and so do many adults.


  • If the available cheese curd is not so fresh, deep fry it like you do in case of mushroom. Though, this way of eating cheese curd is not a healthy option but it will add a taste in your regular menu. Various special batter mixes are available for deep fried cheese curds.


  • Cheese curd forms an excellent appetizer so one should enjoy eating it with crackers. It also forms a great dip for tortilla chips. You can also enjoy eating it by mixing hot sauce into it. The best way to eat cheese curd along with hot sauce is that they should be mixed together and allowed to melt down and then eaten. It tastes yummy.


  • For a delicacy, try dipping a Cheese Curd into one of your favorite fondue. It will taste great.


  • You should also try consuming cheese curds by making Poutine. Make this delicacy by adding fresh cheese curd over the French fries.


  • Eating cheese curd with one of your favorite salad is another interesting way of eating cheese curd. You can try plain cheese curd or a flavored cheese curd, both will taste great.


  • Person residing in cold areas enjoy cheese curd with hot soup. Take one of your favorite soups and add cheese curd on top. It’s a great way to relish the taste of cheese curd and beat the cold weather. French Onion along with Swiss Cheese or Sharp Cheddar Cheese tastes great. Try them or make some other combination that soothes your taste bud.


  • And last but not the least; avoid eating cheese curds with a fork. Enjoy eating it with your fingers.


  • Follow the abovementioned ways of eating cheese curd to relish its actual taste and thus enjoy eating.


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How To Eat Cheese Curd