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How To Eat Cream Cheese Dips

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Simple Cheese Dip

Most of us go gaga over the cream cheese dips. Even though the normal available ones are rich in calories, there are various low calorie cream cheese dips also. These dips compliment crackers and chips and can be served as an appetizer or finger food at cocktail parties or restaurant. You can prepare a savory dip or a fruit dip. While the savory ones serve as starters, the fruit-based or sweet dips can be used as desserts.

So how to eat cream cheese dip? You can eat cream cheese dips with chips, crackers or vegetables. It is a great spread on whole grain toast. Eat the dip with wines in the evenings of fresh fruit juice as part of your breakfast. Eat as a snack with an iced tea or flavored soda. Pair it with a cup of cappuccino to lift your mood. Strawberry with creamy cheese dip is an excellent aphrodisiac.

These are few simple and easy varieties of the cream cheese dip that you can try your hand at.

Enjoy With Crackers

You can enjoy a low calorie cream cheese dip by blending cream cheese with garlic. Add fresh herbs and spices to spice up the dip and serve with crackers or freshly sliced veggies of your choice. 

An Ideal Sandwich Spread

Fruit flavored or herbs rich cream cheese dips are yummy sandwich and burger spreads. The fruits add to the taste of the cream cheese, allowing it the cheese dip to melt in your mouth. Each and every bite of this dip filled sandwich is a treat to the taste buds.

Pair With Tea Time Snacks

Prepare a cream cheese dip with maple syrup and vanilla essence to enjoyed as the dip for your teatime snacks or you mid day snack. This dip is an elegant finger food at kids parties.

Prepare A Smoothie With Cherries

Prepare a milkshake by blending the fresh, red cherries and cream cheese. Add vanilla to enhance the flavor. The scrumptiously rich milkshake takes you to a ride to heaven and back. 

Serve With Fruity Cheese Cakes

This is a cool way of enjoying cream cheese dip. My personal favorites, pineapple cheese cake and creamy cheese dip form a delicately enchanting dessert at your spring party.

Relish With Biscuits

Its time to change. Instead of sipping a hot cup of coffee with your biscuits, try enjoying this lip smacking dip to add color to your sultry evenings.

Its spring! It’s time for parties! Prepare cream cheese dips of your choice and lift the party spirits with this dip. 

Image Credit; yearonthegrill.blogspot,com

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How To Eat Cream Cheese Dips