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How To Eat Chihuahua Cheese

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Chihuahua cheese

Chihuahua cheese is a specialty cheese from Mexico and has been popularized all throughout the United States of America. Soft in texture and white to pale yellow in color, the Chihuahua variety of cheese is prepared from cow’s milk curdled with Rennet. A flavor very similar to that of a Chester cheese or a mild Cheddar is bound to surprise you even as you eat Chihuahua cheese.




Also known as ‘queso menonita’, the cheese is now available all across the US prepared by both the Mennonites as well as the non Mennonites. But how can we actually get to eat Chihuahua cheese? Is it ideal for pairing with food or is it better as an ingredient in cooked dishes? Is it possible to eat it by itself even? A number of questions may plague you, especially when you do not know too much about the Mexican cheese.  You do not have to worry on that score now, simply read along to find the answers…


Tips To Eat Chihuahua cheese


  • Chihuahua cheese is considered to be ideal for melting thus making it a strong favorite to be used in Mexican dips and sauces. The highly popular Mexican chili remains incomplete without the addition of queso Chihuahua.


  • The quesadilla filling tastes simply divine when it is the cheese of Chihuahua stuffed within it. The queso topping on Chilaquiles is simply impossible to resist when it is consists of the Chihuahua variety.


  • American food containing the cheese can easily replace the more traditional Mexican fare that is considered to be standard. A burger stuffed with Chihuahua cheese and peppers, topped with an egg plonked sunny side up might be just right as a comfort food. Try it and you will not fail to say cheese in unabashed delight.


  • The Mexican corn pudding is another food prepared with the cheese that will help you to satiate your sweet tooth.


  • Red wines that are full bodied and taste of fruit with an excess of tannin are best paired with the Chihuahua variety of cheese. It can also be served along with fruit platters in accompaniment to the house red during a brunch or included in a light lunch menu.


  • Rich in calcium and phosphorus, the cheese can certainly aid in providing nutrition. However, refrain from gorging on it as it contains 50%-51% of full fat courtesy it’s primary source of cow’s milk. Check with your doctor if you crave for Chihuahua cheese when pregnant. The soft and crumbly variety may harbor infectants putting you at some risk.


However, there is nothing to worry as long as you consume it in moderation. Go out to your favorite Mexican store and get it now! Enjoy being cheesy once in a while! 


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How To Eat Chihuahua Cheese